Tsog Days

Twice a month, based on the lunar calendar, Tse Chen Ling offers one of the central practices of our tradition, Lama Chopa Tsog. Tsog means “gathering,” and Lama Chopa means “offering to the Spiritual Guide.” It is a profound practice of purification of negative karma and accumulation of positive energy, or merit. During the puja/offering, extensive prayers are recited in order to affirm our commitment to the spiritual path and to seek inspiration from our teachers. All are invited to participate. Feel free to bring offerings of flowers, food, or anything else you would like to offer. Check with our spiritual coordinator for details or explanations.

Tsog Dates 2018

January 11 Thursday Tibetan date: 25th
January 26 Friday Tibetan date: 10th
February 10 Saturday Tibetan date: 25th
February 16 Friday Tibetan New Year 2145 – Year of the Earth Dog
February 25 Sunday Tibetan date: 10th
March 1 Thursday Day of Miracles
March 11 Sunday Tibetan date: 25th
March 26 Monday Tibetan date: 10th
April 10 Tuesday Tibetan date: 25th
April 25 Wednesday Tibetan date: 10th
May 10 Thursday Tibetan date: 25th
May 24 Thursday Tibetan date: 10th
May 29 Tuesday Sakadawa
June 9 Saturday Tibetan date: 25th
June 23 Saturday Tibetan date: 10th
July 8 Sunday Tibetan date: 25th
July 16 Monday Chokhur Duchen (1st turning of the Wheel of Dharma)
July 22 Sunday Tibetan date: 10th
August 6 Monday Tibetan date: 25th
August 21 Tuesday Tibetan date: 10th
September 5 Wednesday Tibetan date: 25th
September 19 Wednesday Tibetan date: 10th
October 4 Thursday Tibetan date: 25th
October 19 Friday Tibetan date:  10th
October 31 Wednesday Lhabab Duchen (Descent from the Heaven of 33)
November 2 Friday Tibetan date: 25th
November 17 Saturday Tibetan date: 10th
December 2 Sunday Tibetan date: 25th & Lama Tsongkhapa Day
December 17 Monday Tibetan date: 10th

December 31     Monday         Tibetan date: 25th

Sponsor a Puja for a Loved One or for Yourself

Pujas are traditional group rituals performed for the sick, on behalf of those who have died or to dispel obstacles in times of difficulty. The pujas regularly offered at Tse Chen Ling include Medicine Buddha puja, The Four Mandala Offerings to Cittamani Tara, the Sixteen Arhats puja, and Lama Choepa (Guru puja)/Tsog. To request a puja to be performed and dedicated to a specific person or purpose, please send all relevant information to our office (i.e. name, time and date of death if relevant, and so on) and include your contact information. You may write to our office, use the contact page of this website, or send email. We’ll work out a good date and get back to you with all you should know. Please call us if you don’t hear from us soon. A donation is not mandatory, but considered good karma to make an offering for pujas.

The Prayer List is maintained by Tse Chen Ling to offer prayers for those who are suffering or facing death, and also to remember those who have recently died in order to help with their transition to the next life. According to the advice from Geshe Dakpa, in order to create a karmic connection, it is good for those requesting to make an offering (however small) when adding someone to the list. Rituals and practices done at the Center are then dedicated to these individuals. Names of living individuals for whom prayers have been requested remain on the prayer list for a period of 30 days unless updated. For individuals who have recently died, please provide the date of death. Prayers are dedicated for their higher rebirth for 49 days after date of death. Please contact TCL with all pertinent information, including a contact number.