Tse Chen Ling offers two membership categories: General Members and Dharmachakra Members (see below). You may contribute to one or both of these and your membership level is based on your total monthly offering. When you join, you can enjoy the benefits that come with being a TCL Member.

General Membership offerings allow our Center to exist by covering overhead, maintenance and operational costs. We also use these funds to supplement teacher donations and for promoting our program. Sign Up Now.

Dharmachakra Membership is exclusively used for the support of our resident teacher, Geshe Ngawang Dakpa, his attendant and translator. Offerings made to Dharmachakra are used for medical expenses, health insurance, and other living expenses to support our on-going teaching staff. Sometimes these funds may be used to support our local teachers. Sign Up Now.

See below, you may pay your membership monthly, quarterly, or annually. For each offering or membership please enter the desired amount and the interval of payment that best suits your needs. You may designate the type of offering you are making. If your offering is for one of TCL’s special projects, please indicate this in the Project Donation box.

Membership Levels

$25. – $49. /mo. – Precious Jewel: Enjoy 10% discount on Classes

$50 – $107. /mo. – Precious Dharma Wheel: Enjoy 10% discount on Classes, plus a subscription to the exciting and informative FPMT Mandala Magazine

$108. – $249. /mo. – Great Treasure Vase: Receive discount on classes, Mandala Magazine and a thank you gift.

$250 – $499. /mo. – Sun and Moon: All regular classes are free, Mandala Magazine, thank you gift.

$500 – $1,007. /mo. – Victory Banner: Receive all classes and special events for free, Mandala Magazine and Special Gift.

$1,008. or more per month – Wish Fulfilling Jewel: Receive all of the above, plus a Special Gift and be designated as a Life Long Member, with your name, or the person in whose name you are offering, on our special donor plaque.