Thank You!

Dear Friends of Tse Chen Ling,

      Thanks to your generosity, we’ve raised $100K for the down payment to buy our building. We could not have achieved this enormous goal without all of you and for that, we are so grateful!
      We are now beginning the process to find the best deal for financing the remainder of the cost and we will keep you all updated on our progress.   
      Also, just a reminder that it’s not too late to make an end of year donation to Tse Chen Ling Center.  It’s completely tax deductible and you will generate skies of merit! 
      Our center is 100% volunteer managed and depends on your generosity to continue to bring the Dharma to all (and to keep the lights on, pay the water bill and other mundane but necessary costs!).  
        Thank you for your continued membership and support of our center. Wishing big love and blessings to you and yours during this holiday season.
On behalf of the Tse Chen Ling staff,
Lisa Nystrom
Center Director